20 juin 2023
Transport international

Port of Vancouver Disappointed by Poor Efficiency Ranking, Says Change Is Coming

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After placing near the bottom in a global port efficiency ranking two years in a row, Peter Xotta, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s vice president of operations and supply chain, said port expansions and investments will buck the trend, even as he called into question the accuracy of the ranking system.

Xotta said he was disappointed the port placed second last of 348 container ports in a ranking compiled by World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The study used vessel wait-times as an indicator of overall efficiency, with Vancouver ranking third-last in its 2022 report.

«I think the ratings system is challenged to be accurate at a time when we’ve got this level of volatility in the supply chain,» he said, referring to the ongoing fallout from issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2021 atmospheric river that paralyzed B.C.’s road and rail systems.

Xotta said each port is different and questioned the methodology authors used to make fair comparisons.

Read more in an article from CBC News.

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