11 décembre 2023
Transport international

Quebec City Longshoremen Reject Mediator’s Recommendation to End Lockout

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At a meeting on December 1, longshoremen at the Port of Quebec voted 70% against the proposal from a mediator. With the holidays approaching and the possibility of a second Christmas on the picket lines, the members rejected the offer as insufficient.

«It’s a … message to the employer that, after 15 months of lockout, there can be no half-deal. The parties need to get back to the bargaining table and find common ground that satisfies both parties said Nina Laflamme, CUPE union representative.

The longshoremen have been locked out since September 15, 2022. To carry out the work at the port, the employer uses replacement workers.

Read more in a press release from CUPE (translated from French).

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