9 mai 2023
Transport international

Reported Cargo Thefts Rise Sharply, and That’s Just Part of the Story

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The trucking industry is facing a sharp increase in cargo theft, even as insurance providers and police forces say the crime is underreported by those who suffer the losses.

Since last year, cases of cargo theft increased nearly 80% in Canada and the U.S., says Keith Lewis, vice-president of operations at Verisk’s CargoNet, which reports thieves stole $223 million worth of freight in 2022. Trucking-related fraud cases are up 700%.

Ontario’s Peel Region remains a hot spot, with Brampton and Mississauga one of the top areas for cargo thefts in North America.

However, crime is cascading beyond the GTA and into Quebec, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Surrey and Winnipeg. Most of today’s targeted cargo includes mixed loads, groceries and automotive loads.

Read more in an article from Today’s Trucking.

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