17 mai 2022
Transport international

Shanghai Authorities Claim City Will Open Up Next Week

Veuillez noter que certaines nouvelles de transport international ainsi que les nouvelles américaines sont disponibles en anglais seulement.

May 20 has been given as the first official date for Shanghai, China’s largest city, to open up.

The metropolis, home to the world’s largest container port, entered lockdown in late March for what was meant to be 10 days as part of China’s strict zero-COVID policy. Most of the city’s 25 million population have been living in lockdown ever since with a deleterious effect on local transport.

In terms of port operations, Peter Sand, chief analyst at container platform Xeneta, said that it will take anywhere from four to eight weeks for normal operations to resume, while gateway terminals in the U.S. and Europe have repeatedly been warned by container analysts to brace for a so-called whiplash effect from Shanghai’s reopening.

Read more in an article from Splash.

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