2 avril 2024
Transport international

Shipping Majors Profiteering from EU Carbon Emissions Charge: Study

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Shipping giants are profiteering from the EU’s carbon market (ETS), a new Transport & Environment (T&E) study shows. A sample of more than 500 journeys to and from European ports shows that, in nearly 90% of cases, shipping companies are charging customers more than the actual costs of the EU ETS. In one extreme case, the Danish company Maersk will likely make more than €300,000 extra off a single voyage. T&E says port evasion – the act of circumventing the carbon market – should not be used as an excuse to scale back the ETS. Far from avoiding the ETS, shipping companies appear to be profiting from it.

Read more in a press release from European Federation for Transport and Environment.

«Maersk Hits Back at ‘Misleading’ and ‘Outdated’ ETS Rip-off Claims,» from The Loadstar.

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