20 septembre 2022
Transport international

U.S. Hasn’t Completely Dodged a Rail Strike, Rail Workers Say

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Americans rejoiced Thursday morning when they learned a rail strike would be averted. President Joe Biden announced that rail companies and rail workers’ unions had come to a tentative agreement – avoiding a seemingly inevitable work stoppage that could have begun Friday at 12:01 am.

Rail workers will finally receive sick leave without being subject to penalties, consisting of unpaid leave and one additional paid day off, according to the Washington Post’s sources.

For one track worker, who requested that his name and employer not be published for fear of retribution, this isn’t enough. “It feels like the people that are making decisions for us aren’t trying,” he said. “I mean, one [paid] personal day is pathetic. I’m a single father with two weeks of vacation. I burn a week in days with my kid being sick.”

Rather than pay, rail workers have been most frustrated by the lack of flexible schedules. They will have the chance to review the White House-negotiated contract and vote on it sometime in the next week. The full text has not been released yet, though employees have shared their thoughts on details that have been reported so far.

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