18 septembre 2023
Transport international

Slow and Steady Recovery in Store for Truckers: FTR

Veuillez noter que certaines nouvelles de transport international ainsi que les nouvelles américaines sont disponibles en anglais seulement.

It’s a mixed picture for the trucking market, with no immediate end to a soft rate environment in the near term but gradually improving conditions.

That was the recent message from Avery Vise, vice-president of trucking for industry forecaster FTR. Carriers saw a larger year-over-year decrease in revenues in the second quarter of this year compared with even Q2 2020, when the pandemic crushed freight volumes.

“But revenues are still very high relative to where they were before the pandemic,” Vise said.

There have been about 55,000 carrier authority revocations in the first seven months of this year, mainly of the one- or two-truck varieties but increasingly affecting fleets with 100 or more trucks. “Yes, it’s primarily a small-carrier issue but there has been a contagion. It has spread and has become a significant factor,” Vise said.

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