19 December 2023
Freight News


The CIFFA STC’s outline the responsibilities of a service provider and its customer and their respective accountabilities. This document will be revised in January 2024, to reflect and protect the interests of our members.

Standard Trading Conditions (STC’s)

Notable changes include:

  • Definition section
  • General conditions
  • When businesses act as a Carrier
  • When businesses act as a Customs Broker
  • When businesses act as a Freight Forwarder
  • When businesses act as a Warehouser

General Agency Agreement and Power of Attorney (GAA)

  • The GAA is a legal requirement of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Without an original GAA in the name of the Importer of Record, you cannot legally act as a customs broker and/or clear goods at the border. The CIFFA GAA has been created to accommodate the new CARM requirements that will be introduced in May 2024.

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