Customs Consulting

Tailor-made services, according to your specific needs.

You can count on our experts to offer you solutions that comply with Customs regulations and bring you peace of mind.

Customs Consulting

  • Tariff classification
  • Qualification for free trade agreements (origin)
  • Determination of customs values
  • Assistance in the programs of the CBSA and other government departments
  • Company training

Customs Compliance

  • Review of your importer profile
  • Preparation of a compliance plan
  • Risk assessments
  • Permanent operational procedure
  • Customs programs (PAD, PEP, CTPAT)

Recovery of Duties and Taxes

  • Tariff reassessment
  • Drawback duty refund
  • Duty deferral program
  • Requests for tariff relief

The importance of customs compliance

The broker’s role is to protect your interests by ensuring a compliant tariff classification, origin and customs value of your goods.

We give great importance to the importer profile of our customers in order to ensure compliance with customs regulations.

Our team of experts saves you additional costs and saves you money through the recovery of duties and taxes.

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