Customs brokerage

Experienced staff and personalized service according to your requirements


As import and export laws are constantly evolving, our customs experts will assist you in your processes and advise you on the latest changes.

Personalized service

We adapt to your needs and preferences. Your industry has its own characteristics, we will be flexible to your requests.


No voicemail, at Axxess you talk to a human. You are our priority.


The role of our Canadian customs experts is to facilitate the trade activities of importers. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your imports into the country

  • An experienced team to guide you in your imports and make compliant declarations
  • Risk reduction before arriving at the border
  • Accurate pricing of your goods
  • An efficient and fast customs release and electronic declaration service (EDI and SWI) avoiding waiting times at borders
With just one call to Axxess, you can benefit from reliable and professional services to ensure efficient transit of your shipments to the United States.

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United States

From our US offices, our licensed brokers ensure fast, efficient and compliant customs clearance

  • Analysis of documentation to avoid delays at the border
  • Advisory service for US regulations
  • Bilingual customer service
  • Support from our specialists in order to benefit from all the advantages of free trade agreements (e.g. USMCA/CUSMA)

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