About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all of our customers, regardless of their size, with a personalized service from a team of experts, supported by cutting-edge technology.


Axxess International Inc. was founded in 1998 by Tony Yakubosky and has become an active player in the customs and consulting field.

Constantly growing and evolving, the company aims to meet the needs of today’s importing and exporting companies.

The Team

Our team has decades of experience in the field.

We are equally proud to say that each employee is selected for their experience, skills and desire to be part of a team that provides unparalleled customer service.


Technology is not seen as just a productivity tool that sets us apart, but rather as an important element that fosters the business relationship between us and our customers.

Customer Experience

A team of experts

The heart of Axxess is its team. A team of experienced, motivated, knowledgeable individuals who are flexible, available and who understand the importance of combining the values ​​of the past with the technology of today.

Continuous Improvement

Axxess is based on a continuous improvement model: a management method that encourages us to, on a daily basis, find solutions to increase our efficiency at all levels. A good understanding of customer needs, clear communication and rigorous procedures are the basis of our process. This philosophy allows us to be productive and creative in our problem-solving.

Join the rest of our satisfied customers!

Our mission regarding our employees is to promote the development of individuals and to recognize everyone’s contribution.
A career at Axxess is an opportunity to develop and acquire specialized knowledge in a constantly evolving field.

Our Technology

Axxess puts forward approved technological tools to ensure good communication and transparency with its customers.

  • Complete visibility of your shipments, release status and access to documentation.
  • Complete tracking of your shipments and daily, detailed, and personalized follow-up reports.
  • Secure access for users.
  • Flexible and secure technology on the cloud (cloud computing).
  • Documents saved for a period of six years, as well as the current year.
  • Complete management of your supply chain, from purchase order to point of delivery.
  • Automated information service to keep you up to date with industry news. 

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