31 January 2023
Canadian Custom Brokerage

Canada and U.S. announce new NEXUS interview option to expand enrolment capacity

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are moving forward with a new option to increase the enrolment capacity for new and renewing NEXUS members.

Earlier this month, the two countries announced measures that expand the program’s capacity and enrol the thousands of travellers who request NEXUS memberships each month.

The new enrolment option for air travellers should be available by Spring 2023. It will include CBSA interviews at reopened airport enrolment centres in Canada and separate CBP interviews at Canadian airport preclearance locations for applicants departing for the United States.

This new process will have two steps:

• The process begins with the Canadian portion of the NEXUS interview conducted by CBSA officers at Canadian airport enrolment centres. Applicants must book an appointment online for this step.

• The U.S. portion of the NEXUS interview will be conducted by CBP officers in the preclearance area of a Canadian airport before the applicant departs for the United States. Applicants will not need to schedule appointments for the U.S. interview but are encouraged to build in time to their travel plans to allow for this interview to take place before their departure. The CBP interview can occur only after the CBSA portion of the interview has been completed and the information has been shared with CBP.

This new process is in addition to the existing option for applicants to schedule joint interviews with CBP and CBSA officers at land border enrolment centres in the United States.

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