20 June 2023
Canadian Custom Brokerage

Canada extends waiving of tariffs on Ukrainian goods for one more year

The Government of Canada announced that it was extending the Ukraine Goods Remission Order until June 9, 2024. This will ensure the continued tariff-free import of Ukrainian goods to Canada, including steel and in-quota supply-managed goods.

The Ukraine Goods Remission Order, in force since June 9, 2022, supports the Ukrainian economy by increasing exports to Canada through the temporary and exceptional remission of customs and trade remedy duties on imports of goods originating in Ukraine.

The remission order temporarily remits customs duties, anti-dumping duties, and countervailing duties applicable to imports of Ukrainian goods.

As was the case when the Ukraine Remission Order was issued, the extension of the measure has been made by an Order in Council. The Canada Border Services Agency will issue a Customs Notice detailing how importers can claim relief under the remission order.

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