15 March 2022
Canadian Custom Brokerage

Canada removes Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff treatment on imports from Russia and Belarus

The Government of Canada removed the entitlement to the Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff (MFN) treatment on goods from Russia and Belarus.

Ottawa issued the Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff Withdrawal Order (2022-1), removing these countries’ entitlement to the Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff (MFN) treatment under the Customs Tariff.

This Order results in the application of the General Tariff for goods imported into Canada that originate from Russia or Belarus. Under the General Tariff, a tariff rate of 35 per cent will now be applicable on virtually all of these imports.

Russia and Belarus will join North Korea as the only countries whose imports are subject to the General Tariff.

Link: Customs Notice 22-02 Order withdrawing the Most-Favoured-Nation status from Russia and Belarus

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