15 February 2022
Freight News

Feds Prepared to Use Emergency Powers to End Blockades, but Police Must ‘Do Their Job’: Blair

The federal government is prepared to invoke the Emergencies Act to see the trucker convoy protests and blockades end, says Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair, calling it a “critical situation,” while also saying that police need to “do their job.”

But first, the government says it is working with the provinces, particularly Ontario, given the ongoing crisis in the nation’s capital, to ensure that level of government has exhausted its options.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency in the province on Friday, invoking new emergency measures to levy stiffer fines and penalties on protesters, including a maximum penalty of $100,000 and up to a year imprisonment for non-compliance.

“When circumstances exceed the capacity of the provinces to manage it under their authorities, we’re quite prepared to use additional authorities that are available to the federal government,” said Blair, adding that the federal government is in “constant contact” with Ontario.

“The closing of our borders, the targeting on critical infrastructure, particularly our points of entry by the people behind these protests, is a significant national security threat to this country, and we have to do what is necessary to end it.”

Read more in an article from CTV News.

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