6 December 2022
Freight News

FMC Announces Interim Procedures for Processing Charge Complaints

The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission has announced its interim procedures to review, investigate and adjudicate charge complaints.

U.S. shippers have responded positively to the new opportunity, established via the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022, to challenge carrier charges by filing charge complaints at the FMC. Since the law’s enactment in June, the Commission has received more than 175 filings. The new process clarifies the interim steps the Commission will take under this new authority.

Under the announced process, a charge complaint that is provided with sufficient information will be promptly investigated by FMC staff in the Office of Investigations. The common carrier will be contacted by Commission staff as part of the investigation and asked to respond to the complaint, and justify the charge or fee being investigated. Both parties are notified at the conclusion of the investigation.

Read more in an FMC press release.

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