19 December 2023
Freight News

More Investment Needed to Meet Electric Truck Charging Requirements

Canada’s ambitious timelines to decarbonize the nation’s medium- and heavy-duty trucks is achievable, but will require the fast deployment of charging infrastructure and much more investment than has been allocated to date.

So says a report from the Pembina Institute, in a report titled Zero-emission MHDVs in Canada and required charging infrastructure. The report recognizes the need to decarbonize the goods transport sector, as medium- and heavy-duty trucks account for 37% of overall transportation-related GHG emissions.

The segment is expected to surpass the GHG output of smaller vehicles by 2030. Yet, the federal government’s investment in providing electric charging infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty trucks lags what’s needed. The Pembina Institute says that, to date, the feds have committed only $1 billion of the $5 billion needed to support the anticipated number of electric trucks on the road by 2030.

Read more in an article from Today’s Trucking.

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