13 June 2023
Freight News

Nearshoring Raises Cargo Theft Concerns

The increasing interest in nearshoring poses unique security considerations, including a higher likelihood of cargo thefts.

The U.S. has seen increased interest in the process since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and Mexico has been a main focus of those efforts.

Analytics firm Overhaul’s data shows about 20,000 cargo thefts were reported in Mexico last year. In comparison, Verisk Analytics’ CargoNet found that about 1,800 cargo thefts were reported in the U.S.

“You’ve got factions down there, cartels, bad actors within law enforcement down there, that are targeting automotive parts, electronics and those type of things,” said Keith Lewis, CargoNet vice president of operations. “So, there is a high risk down there, and I talk to a lot of the folks in the insurance space, and they don’t insure anything down there.”

Lewis stressed these incidents are happening farther in country instead of near the border, despite often being categorized as a border issue. He noted there are targeted areas such as corridors that essentially are owned by the cartels. He recommends carriers that travel through these more dangerous areas consider countermeasures such as armed escorts.

Read more in an article from Transport Topics.

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