12 April 2022
Freight News

No End in Sight for Shanghai’s Lockdown

China’s most-populous city has yet to give an indication of when lockdown measures will lift, fuelling greater uncertainty for those involved in global logistics.

Shanghai’s daily COVID-19 infections set a record for the sixth straight day on Thursday, as citywide mass testing identified 19,982 cases in China’s financial and commercial hub.

EU Chamber of Commerce in China members estimated yesterday that Shanghai port volumes are down by about 40% week on week, despite the port’s operator insisting that it is business as usual at Yangshan and Waigaoqiao thanks to a bubble working environment at the quayside.

The issue, as has repeatedly been stressed since the lockdown came in 11 days ago, is down to limited trucking availability and the shuttering of many factories and warehouses. Many of the entry and exit points on the highways between provinces are also blocked, causing severe supply chain issues.

Read more in an article from Splash.

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