13 February 2024
Freight News

Revised Carrier Schedules Bedding-in, Say Shippers, But They See Trouble Ahead

Amid continuing attacks on commercial shipping by Houthi rebels, scheduling issues caused by re-routing of services away from the Suez Canal and around the Cape of Good Hope (CGH) have begun to stabilize.

Director of Global Shippers Forum James Hookham said: “There was a bit of a lull in ports while the diversions were in place, so there were a lot of ships that didn’t turn up when they were expected to, but they are on their way and they’re starting to arrive.

“We should see stability in schedules and arrivals now – albeit it will take longer for goods to get here – but they should bed down into the new arrangements and start to get back to the regular pattern shippers are expecting.”

Read more in an article from The Loadstar.

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