28 June 2022
Freight News

Survey Shows Worrying Increase in Number of Containers Lost at Sea

The number of shipping containers lost at sea has risen significantly during the pandemic thanks to an “unusually high” number of incidents particularly in the winter of 2020-21, the World Shipping Council said in its latest Containers Lost at Sea report.

The winter of 2020-21 saw a huge spike in the number of weather-related incidents, bringing average losses for the two-year period (2020-2021) to 3,113 containers, compared with 779 in the previous period (2017-2019). The past two years caused a worrying break in the downward trend for losses, with the average number of containers lost at sea per year since the start of the survey increasing by 18% to 1,629 (from 2008-2021).

Read more in an article from gCaptain.

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