28 March 2023
Canadian Custom Brokerage

CBSA and CBP are reopening NEXUS enrolment centres at Canadian airports

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced the reopening of NEXUS enrollment centers at eight Canadian airports by Spring 2023 in order to expand the NEXUS program’s capacity and help enroll the thousands of applicants awaiting interviews.

This is a new enrolment option for air travellers and it has two steps. Canadian airport enrolment centres will be staffed with CBSA officers who will complete the Canadian portion of the NEXUS interview, and the U.S. interviews will be completed by CBP at Canadian airport preclearance locations when applicants depart Canada to fly to the U.S.

Applicants can now choose from among three options for their NEXUS interviews:

1. A joint U.S. – Canada interview at a land enrolment centre (14 locations) in the U.S.

2. A split interview at a Canadian land enrolment centre (2 locations) followed by an interview at a U.S. land enrolment centre (Canadian interview is conducted at the Canadian enrolment centre and the U.S. interview completed at the corresponding U.S. enrolment centre located just across the border at the port of entry).

3. A two-step interview at a Canadian airport enrolment centre (8 locations), followed by an interview at a U.S. preclearance location in a Canadian airport.

For further details see the news releases from the CBSA and from U.S. CBP.

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